“Kuakeahu” Mural at Camp Mokule’ia

This mural graces the inner wall of the Chapel at Camp Mokule’ia.  One of the most magnificent and ethereal images I have ever seen and experienced.  You have to just see it in person!  It perfectly displays Hawaiian and Christian stories of creation and sends you off into life’s journey.  Organized by Kahu David Turner of Camp Mokule’ia and lead artist Meleanna Meyer, joined by artists Kahi Ching, Solomon Enos, Al Lagunero, Harinani Orme, Alice Chen, Malia Andrus, Roopal Shah, and also joined by our wonderful hui of Keiki Artists.  Our family got the chance to experience the Camp’s amenities during the weekend!  The kids loved the ocean, the lodge (with private bath), and meal times (complete with the triangle meal call bell).  They have a lot to offer, R&R here is unbelievable!  Visit their website for rates and accommodations: www.visitcampmokuleia.com


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